How To Remove Stretch Marks

remove stretch marksThe removal of striae can be efficient if quality cream is utilized for this purpose. Stria are a common dermatological dilemma as they cause significant misery to those bearing them. This article is about how to remove stretch marks.

Many mechanisms can be used to achieve this outcome. This includes creams, natural dermatological skin care treatment, laser treatment or even surgery. Many persons have thus visited the dermatologists to cater for this need.

Striae are actually horizontal scars that affect a small layer of skin resulting from fast stretching of skin. This feature is common during pregnancy, thus the expectant women should be cautious. It is also common among obese persons due to the weight increase over time, during the pubertal growth spurts or other speedy weight additions. Body builders and weight lifters are also prone to them.

When they appear initially, the striae usually look like reddish or purple linear marks. They may lighten with age and even turn silver. These parts of the skin will appear empty and soft to the touch.

When one is looking for the appropriate treatments for these marks, they have to know that the skin has to be treated as three layers. The epidermis is the surface layer, the dermis is the middle one, while the subcutaneous stratum is the innermost one. This dermis helps skin maintain its shape. If the skin is stretched for a long time, this portion turns to elastic hence losing its support. This eventually causes dermal and epidermal tear, the phenomena called stria. Creams are available that are suited to treat this condition.

When one seeks answers on how to remove stretch marks, they are sure to encounter various options. The best technique is via the use of a guaranteed efficient cream meant for this purpose. It is best to consult the services of a surgeon or dermatologist to advice appropriately. A broad medical history inclusive of medications taken by the individual will enhance the decision given. This is because some drugs such as hormones and steroids lead to development of striae thus one must not withhold such information.


Eat the right things and lose weight!

buy phen375Eating right and exercising are the buzzwords when it comes to losing weight in a healthy manner. The awareness that there are certain foods that will aid you in your conquest also helps. Generally, avoiding greasy food and food that has too much sugar and salt in it helps. Also, food that has a lower concentration of carbohydrates should be preferred when on a diet. Here are some super foods listed below that will help you shed some pounds.

Apples- Apples are a great source of fiber and anti-oxidants. They are great to snack on and do not add too much to the calorie count. Eat them with the peel on.
* Pears, pomegranates, grapefruit- They are rich in fiber and make a great snack. Grapefruit contains water that can fill you up and a compound in that tangy fruit can help in lowering insulin which is a fat storing hormone.
* Eggs- Eggs contain proteins and various nutrients that can help you trim inches with ease. Eat boiled, poached, scrambled or cooked as omelets.
* Nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, etc. are great to stack on and have a storehouse of minerals and vitamins that keep you in great health.
* Mushrooms- They are a rich source of various nutrients and contains lesser calories than meat. They contain anti-oxidants that prevent the liver from producing artery clogging fat and help keep the cholesterol in check.
* Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries- They are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. They are also nicely stocked in the fiber department. They are rich in Vitamin C that helps keep skin healthy as well. Snack on them or add to your cereals, fruit punches, salads, desserts, etc.
* Chilies, capsicum, jalapenos- They contain a compound called capsaicin that imparts the fiery taste to these foods and helps break down fat cells.
* Kale- This green food helps in providing iron and calcium to your body.
* Oats- Oats are rich in fiber which is why you keep feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Try out great recipes using oats that can tickle your palate and help you lose some weight.
* Sweet potatoes- They contain ample fibers and are a rich source of potassium, magnesium, iron, beta carotene, zeaxanthin, lutein, vitamin a, c, e, etc.
* Black beans- They are a rich source of protein and do not contain saturated fat like other sources of protein.
* Lentils and chickpeas- Lentils help prevent insulin spikes which can trigger the storage of fat, especially in the abdominal region. They are rich in protein and ensure that you get the necessary nutrition. Chickpeas contain fiber as well and also are a rich source of vitamin b6 and foliate.
* Yogurt- It contains the right balance of carbs, protein and fats that can help you deal with hunger pangs by keeping the blood sugar levels steady.
* Salmon and sardines- Fishes contain omega 3 fatty acids that help you deal with insulin spikes, keep your heart healthy, build muscle and lose fat.
* Avocado, olive oil and coconut- These foods help in gaining satiety. Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fat that helps in keeping the heart healthy. The creamy food contains oleic acid like olive oil. Olive oil is anti-inflammatory and helps in taming your appetite. Coconut contains healthy fat.
Eat these foods teamed, grilled, bakes or boiled. Consume these foods in proper quantities to get desired results. Better still, incorporate them permanently into your lifestyle to remain healthy always. Get your Phen375 here.